About Us

Our Story

The idea for Hangry Ohana was conceived when Grant, a Texas native with a love of barbecue, moved to Hawaii and met Yoona, the woman that would eventually become his wife. Not only would their lives become intertwined, but so would their culinary passions. While life took them to the great state of Colorado, they longed the flavors of Hawaii.

Through experimentation, they blended Grant’s taste for distinct Texas spices and brisket with Yoona’s recipes for contemporary Hawaiian dishes. The result was something utterly unique and ono-licious. As they say in Hawaii, it was “broke da mouth.” Realizing they couldn’t keep these dishes to themselves, Grant and Yoona, with the support and backing of some old friends, Reid and Nick, from the University of Hawaii, and Yoona’s sister Sarah, launched their first food truck serving the Greater Colorado area in 2016.

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